The Titanic experience is a mixture of locations and attractions  in Belfast, the Titanic Building  covers the whole story within its cavernous interior and is promoted as the main 'Titanic' attraction.  There are though several other sites which have authentic physical connections to the liner. Click on the highlighted locations below to go to the relevant websites.


Key sites are: Thompson Pump House and Dry Dock - this is where the liner was fitted out and where you have walking access into the dry dock. SS NOMADIC - one of the original passenger tenders for the liner which was based at Cherbourg.   City Hall - Thane Memorial (Free to visit in the grounds of City Hall) -  the memorial created in memory of those who lost their lives with a recent secondary memorial with the names of all those who lost their lives.  Titanic Building - the new centre which covers the whole story of the Titanic and associated elements.


The acres of land  that covers what was the old Harland & Wolff shipyard has no free parking, it is pretty deserted but even so free parking does not exist to encourage visitors to walk and explore the area.  Instead you will have to pay to park at the Titanic Building and Nomadic and again at the Thomson Pump House and Dry Dock, this cost £1.50 per hour.  Allow  4 hours to enjoy the experience of the three locations.  A three site ticket has recently been introduced  for the Titanic Building, Nomadic and Thompson Pumphouse and Dry Dock but you cant buy it at the Nomadic or Thompson Dock, only via the Titanic Building.


The walk in adult ticket for the Titanic Building is just over £14 per adult plus parking (allow 2hrs min) and other add ons if required.